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Myhr Lookers – How to use Lookers HR Portal

If you’re new at Lookers, you might have received a new login name and password from the Lookers Human Resources team to provide access to the Lookers HR portal, Lookers employee portal.

Lookers HR portal lets all employees access all Lookers employee benefits, solutions for their work-related queries online, and other HR needs with just Myhr Lookers Login.

Do you know how to access Lookers Myhr? No, then you need to read our Myhr Lookers Guide.

Here we will provide you will easy steps for Lookers employee login, Lookers Login, Lookers Myhr app, Lookers Myhr benefits, and registration.

Let’s start our journey about the Lookers employee portal.

What is Lookers Myhr – Lookers HR Portal? – Myhr Lookers is the official portal of the Lookers Human Resources team that allows employees to access and manage plenty of tasks online and stay connected with the HR & Management team.

Lookers Myhr app allows employees to check salary, policy details, manage their work schedule, and many other tasks that help them to work smartly with less workload.

Lookers Myhr Login grants access to various beneficiary plans and also provides solutions to all work-related solutions.

So, if you are an employee at the firm, read how you can access this online portal below.

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Condition for using Lookers Myhr – Lookers employee portal

  • Myhr Lookers Login Details like User Name and password.
  • A device like a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone.
  • National insurance number
  • You must be a Lookers employee.
  • A valid email address.
  • JavaScript Enabled.
  • High-speed Internet connection or Wi-Fi connection.
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Once, you have all these details in handy, you can move to the Myhr Lookers Employee Login.

How to Use Lookers Myhr? Myhr Lookers Employee Login

Employees can have access to various beneficiary plans and many other facilities by log-in to the Lookers HR portal.

So, check below how to use this Lookers Myhr Login portal.

  • First of all, visit the official site at Myhr Looker’s portal by clicking on
  • Now, you’ll be directed to the official Myhr Lookers Login page.
  • Enter your Lookers employee login credentials including 
    • 6 digit employee number e.g 001234
    • Password
  • Next, click on Sign IN to proceed.

As long as your login credentials are correct, you will get access to your Myhr Lookers Account and free to use all the features like payslip, shifts, payroll, policy, and salary details, other work-related data, and other facilities of this online portal.

Myhr Lookers Login – First Time User?

  • First of all, visit the Myhr Lookers official site at
  • Now, you’ll be directed to the official Myhr Lookers Login page.
  • Click on Forgotten your password?, right below the Login Link.
  • Enter your 6 digit employee number.
  • Click on Reset my account. 
  • Sooner, you will receive a mail that contains your new login id and password.
  • Use these details to login again and make sure to change your password for security purposes.

Benefits of Lookers Myhr Login – Myhr Looker’s benefits

Lookers Myhr Login grant access to the following features –

  • Employees can directly contact MyHR Lookers if they face any issues or have any complaints.
  • Daily tasks are given to all employees.
  • Trade/change current shifts
  • View and manage the working schedule
  • Weekly and monthly work is made separately in the profile.
  • Through this login portal, the employee gets the benefit of overtime work.
  • In the employee login profile weekly and monthly work is made separately.
  • Easy to apply for promotions.
  • Easy access to work-related emails
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Connecting Lookers Human Resources

If you are experiencing technical issues, contact the Lookers Human Resources using –

  • Email Us:  [email protected]
  • Call Us: 0191 298 1425
  • Write to Us:
    Customer Liaison Team
    Unit A1, First Avenue
    Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate
    North Shields
    Tyne & Wear
    NE29 7SU

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